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How do we work? All of our modern interior design products are available in both standard or custom options so you can tailor our products to your needs. Standard sizes work great on their own or group them to add color, volume, and form.

Want something custom or large-scale? We’ll offer suggestions, design options, and pricing based on your drawings or photographs. If you need a rendering for a client, we can do that too – or we have 3D models of all our products that you can drop into your drawings. From large-scale, new construction to a renovation/refresh, we make it easy to deliver beautiful solutions for your project.

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We pride ourselves on delivering beautifully innovative products and responsive, client-centered customer service. Whatever your project needs, we have full-service custom design and fabrication capabilities to carry your project from inception to completion:

• Custom art, lighting and acoustic product design and fabrication

• Visualization renderings/presentation drawings

• 3D rendering, shop drawings and submittals

• Prototyping

• Custom metal fabrication and finishing

• Project coordination

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Our products utilize quality, lightweight materials; fiberglass, acrylic, polycarbonate, aluminum, finished steel, 80% post-consumer recycled class A acoustic material, and Inherently Flame Resistant (IFR) fabric that meets ASTME 84 and CSFM Title 19 fire requirements.

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Our standard products come with detailed assembly and installation instructions and can be easily installed by your contractor or a qualified installer. Studio Lilica’s designers are always available to offer technical and installation support to your onsite-personnel. For large-scale and custom projects, our Studio is available to travel to your location to provide expert on-site assembly and installation service.

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Lead time for standard products is 4 – 6 weeks. Lead time for custom design ranges from 8 – 16 weeks based on the scope of your project. In a hurry? We’ll expedite it for you.

Orders can be placed directly through our Studio or your area representative. Have questions? Contact us for information on ordering, pricing, and custom options.

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