For over twenty years, we’ve had the privilege of working with some of the world’s premier interior design and architecture firms on projects around the world. We pride ourselves on offering creative, innovative, art-based solutions for the spaces where people live, work, and play.

Halo 1 Logo

Custom Art Installation Lobby, Lakewood, WA

Architecture Firm: Stemper Architecture Collaborative

Custom Halo Mobile
Winner in the Custom Art + Installations category at HD Awards 2022.

PT Halo 2

Halo Mobile

A side-view of the Halo mobile. Approximate dimensions: 108″ in length, 60″ in height, and 42″ wide.

PT Halo 3

Halo Mobile

The Halo mobile, looking up from directly below.

Halo Mobile

Hospitality Design Awards 2022, Custom Art + Installations Winner.

Chakra Lights

Corporate Office, New York

Interior Design: Barbara Gisel Design

The Chakra Pendant Light’s organic form brings nature into the workspace.

Photo courtesy of Barbara Gisel Design
IMG 8241b

Los Angeles Medical Center

Art Consultant: Joanna Burke Art Consultants
Interior Design: HKS Architects
Architect: HKS Architects

The Bright Chime Mobile is a 26′ x 14′ x 14′ custom art sculpture made of IFR fabric and polycarbonate. Designed for one of California’s leading healthcare providers, Bright Chime is the focal point of the three-story glass lobby atrium in their newest medical center in Porter Ranch, California. Visible from the nearby hills and brand new retail center across the highway, the sculpture serves as an inviting beacon to a thriving hillside community.

KPR9927 1

Los Angeles Medical Center

We worked closely with the art consultant and the client’s design director through a series of site inspections, visualization renderings, 3D models, and animations to ensure that the sculpture met the criteria laid out in their brief.

We used the architect’s drawings to determine attachment points and coordinated details with the client’s project manager and contractor. The final installation was performed by our Studio’s installation team.

KPR9915 1

Los Angeles Medical Center

Bright Chime as seen from the second-floor meeting room.


Los Angeles Medical Center

Visualization rendering and 3D models determine drop point locations, cable lengths, and other installation details.


Ava Chandelier

The Ava Chandelier is a custom light sculpture designed for the lobby of the newest Centre Point multi-family luxury complex in Dallas-Fort Worth. The fixture measures 108” h. x 60” dia. and is constructed of IFR fabric, and formed metal.

Chandelier Watercolor

Ava Chandelier Concept Drawing

Prior to constructing the prototype for the Ava Chandelier, we produced a series of sketches for visualization purposes. 

Chandelier WC Plan

Ava Chandelier

Plan View rendering of the Ava Chandelier. 

Nine Wings1 lighter

Romanek Properties

Interior Design: Gary Lee Partners

The award winning Nine Wings Mobile consists of three 30′ strands constructed of IFR fabric with a light-weight fiberglass framework. Each strand holds a trio of winged shapes 10′ in diameter that cascade from a single anchor point and rotate independently of each other.

Nine Wings2 1

Romanek Properties

Stainless steel hardware and marine-grade ball-bearing swivels were used between the wing forms, which suspend at staggered heights on 3/16 galvanized aircraft cable. The total weight of each strand is 37 lbs.
NineWings 3 1

Romanek Properties

After an exchange of sketches between the designer and our team, this project evolved from oversized lanterns to a large-scale mobile sculpture. The mobile’s three strands suspend below the skylight in the center of the 54-foot high ceiling.
Nine Wings4b

Romanek Properties

The Nine Wings mobile, as seen from the 4th floor walkway.
InFlight 9941

Hyatt Regency Portland

Art Consultant: Picture Source Somerset

InFlight is a site-specific mobile sculpture comprised of seventy bird-like forms that guide visitors to the main level of the newly renovated Hyatt Regency Portland. Spanning 25 feet, the mobile is made of powder-coated, formed metal with stainless steel suspension cable and attachment hardware.

InFlight 9936

Hyatt Regency Portland

The InFlight art installation was digitally modeled in order to arrive at exact ceiling locations and cable lengths for each individual element.

InFlight 5052

Hyatt Regency Portland

The InFlight bird elements were laser cut from sheet metal and assembled prior to powder coating. They suspend on 1/32″ aircraft cable at varying heights.
InFlight 1262

Hyatt Regency Portland

The InFlight art installation measures approximately 9′ h. x 8′ w. x 25′ l.


Hyatt Regency Portland

This visualization rendering shows a bird’s eye view of the InFlight art installation.

Lomalinda 9083

Loma Linda Health

Interior Design: Boulder Associates Architects

Designed for Loma Linda Health, the Sunburst Mobile Sculpture is a ceiling suspended sculpture made of IFR fabric and formed fiberglass. The 48′ high sculpture suspends from two strands of stainless steel aircraft cable.

LomaLinda 9048

Loma Linda Health

The designer wanted to enliven the open, spiraling stairway with a large-scale inspirational visual that would invite visitors to follow to each of the building’s three levels. The sculpture was to mirror and complement the spiral design of the staircase, inspiring a sense of upward movement.

Loma Linda Health

Our Studio worked closely with the interior designer and architect by creating a series of visualization renderings for presentation and design review. Once the final design was approved, we coordinated with the interior designer, architect, client, and contractor to arrive at a method of installation for the piece. Our Studio designed and implemented a low profile splay-cable system to meet California seismic requirements.
Wv 9429

Front Porch Retirement Communities

Interior Design: Castlerock Design Group

The designer was looking for a way to brighten up the indoor pool area of this Southern California retirement community. This custom configuration of our Petal Clouds was designed to float over the pool, creating a sense of movement.


Front Porch Retirement Communities

A grouping of 23 Petals, each 36″ in diameter migrate across the length of the pool.

WV 9366b

Front Porch Retirement Communities

Studio Lilica’s installation team used rolling scaffolding in the dry bed of the unfinished pool to perform the final install. Our team has also suited up in swimwear to perform ‘wet’ installations above filled swimming pools on folding ladders.
WV 9401

Front Porch Retirement Communities

Available individually, Petals can be clustered in any quantity and color combination to form playful indoor canopies or to act as wayfinding elements.

Sutter 4308

Sutter Health - Anderson Lucchetti Women’s and Children’s Medical Center

Art Consultant: Art Consulting Services
Architect: Ewing Cole Boulder Associates

Custom Fortune Cookies Mobiles were commissioned for the new Anderson Lucchetti Women’s and Children’s Center (WCC), a leading pediatric and women’s health center in northern California.

The artwork was engineered in oversize dimensions to float throughout the atrium in the main lobby, creating a ‘positive distraction’.

Sutter 4277 1

Sutter Health - Anderson Lucchetti Women’s and Children’s Medical Center

The custom mobiles are constructed of IFR material and fiberglass. Studio Lilica installed the pieces in coordination with both the architect and contractor.

Sutter Health - Anderson Lucchetti Women’s and Children’s Medical Center

Our Studio generated several visualization sketches during the design process.

Qatar Foundation - Education City Student Housing

Interior Architect: Treanor Architects

This custom constellation of Fortune Cookie Mobiles was designed for the women’s student housing facility in Education City Doha, Qatar.


Qatar Foundation - Education City Student Housing

The cluster of custom mobiles consists of one oversize 10′ Fortune Cookie flanked by three 8′ and two 6′ Fortune Cookies.


Qatar Foundation - Education City Student Housing

In the process of arriving at the final design, our team provided a number of visualization sketches.
HFB Petals1 1

Houston Food Bank

Interior Design: RdlR Architects

This project for Houston Food Bank is a multi-award winner for RdlR Architects. Customization of our Petal Clouds creates a friendly, upbeat mobile art piece for this two-level open stairwell. The artwork can be experienced from both inside and street view.

HFB Petals 2

Houston Food Bank

Custom Petals Clouds, viewed from the 2nd-floor level.
HFB 10

Houston Food Bank

Custom Petal Clouds, viewed from the ground floor.
Pfizer Dunes1 1


Interior Design: Evolve Architecture

Our Dune Acoustic Clouds brighten up as well as ‘quiet down’ this open work area.

Pfizer Dunes2


Multi-color finishes were employed to complement the flooring and furnishings.
PlanetH 6246

Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino

Interior Design: Dougall Design
Lighting Design: CD+M Lighting Design Group

The Planet Hollywood Wave Panels were designed to wow gamers on the casino floor. Each of the nine panels is 12′ high, 16′ wide and 3′ deep, with sculptural waves undulating in and out oversize custom milled frames.

RoyalOak 5232

Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino

Our Studio constructed 1/4 scale (shown) and 1/2 scale prototypes of the Wave Panels to arrive at the final details of the full-sized panels.
PlanetH 5845

Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino

Our team worked closely with the lighting designer to ensure that the custom Wave Panels would accommodate projection and a computerized color changing system.
PlanetH 5752

Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino

The panels were designed, fabricated, and installed by our Studio team 30′ above the casino floor.
LAW Winery2 1

Law Estates Winery

Dune Acoustic Clouds in Law Estates Winery Tasting Room, Paso Robles, CA.

AZAstros 4147b 1

University of Arizona Cancer Center

Interior Design: ZGF Architects

This sculpture commission consists of six interlocking Astro Mobiles customized to ’tilt’ at a 20-degree angle. The area occupied by the artwork is approximately 14′ x 14′ x 8′. The Astro sculpture is constructed of IFR material and fiberglass.

AzAstros 4068

University of Arizona Cancer Center

The same configuration of Astro Mobiles was repeated in the executive conference room.


University Of Arizona Cancer Center

Studio Lilica’s visualization sketches were created by placing a three dimensional model of the sculpture inside of  ZGF Architects’ three dimensional model of the building.

LotusODlighter3 0204

Lotus Light Series

.Private Residence.

Our new Lotus Light Series features a group of organic sculptural lanterns that lend a cool vibe to outdoor gathering spaces. Each style has an indoor version. Available in tons of colors and custom options. Shown here are the Empress (gold) and the Alba (orange.) 


Lotus Light Series

From the Lotus Light Series, the Momo (green) and Kamal (orange).
UFOs Justin Winery 1

Justin Winery

UFO Pendant Lights in the open-air dining room of Justin Winery in Paso Robles, California.


UC Irvine - H.H. Chao Comprehensive Digestive Disease Center

Interior Design: Pickett Design Associates
Architect: Perkins Eastman

Chakra Clouds float above the bright, open waiting area.

UCIChakras Drawing

UC Irvine H.H. Chao Comprehensive Digestive Disease Center

A plan view of the Chakra Clouds in the waiting area.

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