Who We Are

Studio Lilica was born in a two-car garage in Los Angeles in 2003. We were an artist/musician and an ex-ad agency creative, fresh from NYC with a toddler in tow, starting over in LA in the wake of 9/11. Inspired by California’s light, energy and open spaces, we began exploring the dynamics of light and form with lightweight, flexible materials. We built light sculptures, organic suspended sculpture, room dividers, projection screens, party lanterns and even tents. We weren’t sure exactly where we were going with the whole enterprise, but we had one rule – ‘Beauty First.’

What We Make

We honed our process creating set pieces for film and television, while experimenting with a stream of new ideas. As demand from the A & D community grew, we broadened our focus to include real world product design for architectural and interior applications. We had one goal in mind: to elevate the spaces where people live, work and play - beautifully.

Where We’re Going

Since those early ‘garage days’, we’ve grown our team and moved into an an airy factory space. We’ve been spec’d on amazing projects by some of the world’s premier architecture and interior design firms. We’re still exploring, experimenting and creating. We’re still moving, still growing and still following the rule –  ‘Beauty First.’

Want to collaborate? Get in touch and let’s make some beauty!

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